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SRM Ergometer

At ProBike FC, our resident Pro and Certified Coach Nick can calculate and test your functional threshold to absolute accuracy using the SRM Ergometer. Nick is one of a hand full of SRM Power Based Trainers, as well as USA Cycling and TP. PBFC is the only performance center that has this unique ergometer. SRM is without question, the pinnacle of cycling statistic management, but for most, it is super expensive. Now, you can hop on the SRM Ergometer and have Nick download and review your FTP and full riding stats for your hour and give you the most accurate FT, pedal rotation, CAD, WATTS and critical power chart. The unit is fully adjustable to your ride style, all you need to bring is your kit and your shoes, we have SPD and Look pedals in store.

SRM is the specialist for Ergometer and on-bike performance measurement. Book your session with Nick now and remember, this isn’t just for the seasoned racer, knowing you FT and your critical stats allows you to ride more efficiently and effectively and makes you stronger all-around. Contact us at info@probikefc.com or (703) 854-1427