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Why use a Computrainer?

I’m a big advocate for riding all seasons the reason being is that it refines your body to adapt to all seasons and conditions, BUT riding in the winter sucks at times, and I certainly don’t advocate riding in sub 40’s, with terrible weather. Regardless of perfect or in perfect conditions, computrainer provide statistical information and improves riding, without thinking of the strategy of riding while on the road.

The CompuTrainer is like most other trainers, except for a few key important twists.  First, it generates load (wattage) via a computerized interface.  This is done via the control panel (your computer is not required which is also cool).  Secondly, it connects to a computer in live time, while competing with fellow riders to take advantage of significant features like tracking of HR/pace/speed…and power (watts).  So in some ways, it’s like combining a power meter with a trainer, while riding preloaded courses, while a coach is assessing statistics in real time and adjusting your ride.

It’s often said that from a cycling standpoint the CompuTrainer is the best training device you can be on.  The list of pros who use one is long, but would it make a difference for an age-grouper?  After more than 4 years of using it…, I’m sure I have the answer and its yes. I have come out of many winter seasons and into the regular season, strong, fit and as if I have not lost any form. In comparison, I have also used computrainer during the season to gauge an ongoing assessment of my periodized training and my FT (functional threshold)

If your not a competitive cyclist, don’t be put of computrainer. It is as equally effective to simply improving your cycling ability, make your fitter and stronger on the road

Without a doubt, it is the most effective cycling training tool you can use.  If used correctly and combined with coaching in real time, you can develop very focused and specific workouts to address cycling weaknesses.  It ensures that you are not just ‘spinning away mindlessly’ on a trainer – but rather getting a solid workout with live stats.  The thing that makes trainers so effective is there are no breaks.  The computrainer is the same way.  If you do a multi-hour Zone 2 (Z2) heart rate session you don’t get a downhill break. A Z2 pace may not sound hard, but maintaining a perfect cadence without a single second of a break for one sometimes two hours is rather tiring, but achieved on a computrainer, will exceed your expectations on the road.

Give us a shout out and have a chat about your training needs. Bring in your bike, let’s hook it up and get you going. Once you start, you will get hooked and the results will be exceptional.


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