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Meet the Team

Meet Nick

Former UCI Pro Cyclist, Current USAC Pro Cyclist, and USAC Licensed Coach

Nick is a former UCI professional cyclist and current USAC Professional cyclist who has been competing since he was 13 years old, now with over three decades of cycling experience. With a solid Palmares behind his name, a native Australian, In the 90’s Nick got a startup with the Belgium elite development team, Team Spenco. Nick got picked up by Pro team Casino Ag2r where he remained for three seasons, later moving back into the FCI continental domestic roster with Italian team Bicci Pro Team where he was a domestique. Nick stayed there for a short period where he improved his conditioning as a good all rounder with strength in the hills. Nick moved to MTB racing later in life only for fun and turned Pro in 2015 (DH/Gravity and MX). Nick continued to ride road and Is now a seasonal coach and ongoing statistic coach with FCI Team Bicci based out of Italy.

After returning to the US, Nick began coaching a youth development team, and an elite women’s team. He founded two teams in South Carolina of Cat 1-4 riders, one of which later merged into a larger team. With his family growing, Nick started to revert to full-time coaching. Nick also founded NPC Training Systems. Nick is an accredited fitter with the IBFI (International Bike Fitters Institute), as well as a Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and Corrective Exercise Specialist with the International Sports Sciences Association, a Certified School Cycling Instructor with Youth Education Sports, and a USAC and Training Peaks accredited coach.

Nick is fulfilling a dream of opening his own performance and coaching center, with the fond memory of his late wife Georgia always in his ear telling him to “open up that damn bike thingy place Nick!” So, its open!

Nick’s licenses and certifications:

Meet Brian

Performance Center Co-ordinator

Brian has been in the cycling industry since 2010, during which time he has had the privilege to work with some of the most elite brands, and talented people in the DC region. He has extensive knowledge of all types and levels of cycling brands, and a real passion for nerding out on gear. While bike bling is always impressive, Brian’s cycling experience has taught him that the most important piece of cycling equipment is the rider. Whether it’s a road, cyclocross, gravel, mountain or TT bike, Brian has ridden it and is passionate about helping you achieve your best performance.

We are super excited to have Brian on the PBFC team. Brian is going to oversee the smooth operation of the performance center, and work with Nick to improve and offer extra services that PBFC intends to expand into in 2018 and onwards!

Meet Alex

Lead Mechanic

Alex has always enjoyed riding high-end machines. So with that passion, you can trust that he will keep your bike rolling with exquisite precision. To feed his obsession, he has made a whopping twenty-year career as a professional bicycle mechanic. Committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills, up-to-date with industry knowledge, Alex is the man when it comes to wrenching on a bike. He is a master at his profession and continues to challenge himself with continued training and education. He prides himself on meticulous work, regardless of what bike rolls into his workshop.

Alex is going to undertake Campy’s master technician course, and recently completed the USAC accredited race mechanic program. Not only does Pro Bike FC have the best in the business, but we want to make sure we have the best qualified as well. When Alex is working on your bike, you will walk out with a well-oiled machine. He takes pride in his work and ensures that you get the best service at the most outstanding price. We don’t care what bike you bring in, we just want to make sure you get the best bike servicing.

Alex is also certified as a masters technician from SBCU (Specialized Bicycle Components University), and Shimano DI2 Mechanic Certified. Alex has supported in Mechanical support for Race Across America, Shenandoah Mountain 100, and the Face of America.

Come have a chat, and let us know what YOU want and how we can help you.

Meet Jeremy

Core Condition coach

Jeremy is our Strength and Core Conditioning coach at Pro Bike FC, and he coaches our women’s cycling. Jeremy is a 24 year Army veteran, having retired at the rank of Lt Colonel. We are super proud of his service, and to have him at PBFC. Jeremy is a total powerhouse machine. He has completed every Spartan Race, including the Ultra Beast. On the bike, he has a motor on that makes long flats easy, and pulls some massive watts, and has cardio bigger than a horse. A massive part of cycling is your core and full-body strength. Jeremy will push you to become a better and stronger rider. Jeremy has trained many novice and elite athletes in becoming stronger, and more confident- on and off the bike. His individualized strength and conditioning programs will allow you to achieve goals you never thought possible. At our performance center, we have just the right stuff for you to achieve heights and push beyond plateaus. Jeremy loves to train people that simply want to the best version of themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cyclist, or you just want to tone up, and get stronger, Jeremy will get you right where you need to be.

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