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About Sales


Pro Bike FC is a leader in cycling equipment and knowledge. Our mission is to allow anyone from the beginning cyclist to the professional athlete to talk with us, and discuss what YOU want and what WE can do to get it for you. This passion is backed by a combined knowledge of over 40 years of cycling, and fitting followed by a deep desire to provide outstanding customer service. It is our mission and passion to provide the finest products, and services to create the bike of your dreams.

Pro Bike FC specialize on the following brand/products


Our purpose is to not have everything under the sun, but to focus on the products that we know really well. We see it all the time when a customer walks into a bike shop or shops online, they have a desire for one thing and leave with another, which they end up not being happy about. We stock what we know works.

Call us now, tell us your budget, and we will build the bike of your dreams.



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