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Why both Preventative and Corrective Massage is a must  

Back in my day when pre and post race, I was getting a preventative and corrective message, I never really thought much more other than “this is the routine”. Move forward to present time, and even a little before, one of my biggest faults is forgetting that massage is such a critical part of not just cycling but of any sport.

I went to a handful of places, but never really felt like I was getting what I needed. Then, I come across Ladan Spa, and with a hint serendipity, they are only 4 doors away from ProBike FC. I was introduced to SRT.

Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT) is not your average massage. This soft tissue, pressure point technique is a new strategy in pain reduction and improved muscle function allowing you to perform better and enjoy your ride, pain-free.  SRT is a safe, fast, profoundly effective way to eliminate muscle and joint pain, increase freedom and ease of movement and maximize physical performance in both athletics and everyday life.

When repetitive, habituated movement patterns and compromised posture (like cycling), along with trauma and stress are introduced to the body, the nervous system perceives it as dangerous and activates a reflexive reaction called an axial spinal reflex. Axial spinal reflexes are hardwired into our nervous system at our very core. These reflexes originate as a defense mechanism, contracting specific patterns of muscle fibers instantaneously to move our bodies out of danger and into a position to defend ourselves. When an axial reflex is activated, it routinely gets “stuck on” resulting in reduced performance and increased pain and dysfunction. This chronic contraction
of muscles not only results in inflammation where the muscles attach and misalignment of joints leading to joint pain, it also uses up valuable energy and causes metabolic muscle fatigue.

SRT goes directly to the source, locating and targeting the specific axial spinal reflexes which are stuck on, reducing or eliminating these reflex reactions and providing a profound reduction
in symptoms, quickly and safely. Because SRT focuses on the neurology
that is creating the problem rather than the local symptoms such
as the ache in the knee or a headache, the relief you feel can be global
and instantaneous. Immediately move with greater ease, improved muscle function to maximize energy usage and restored strength and agility which will lead to improved athletic performance.

After one visit, I hit the bike the next day on plus 50 mile and my muscles and joints, in particular, my shoulder (which I’ve always had a problem with), was amazing relaxed.

I’ve always been a big advocate of massage, but only if you find the right place. I would completely recommend that you head in there and let Tabitha work her SRT on you, and most importantly, whether you are racing, commuting or simply want to sustain your riding momentum, then the preventative and corrective message is a 100% must. Mention you read my blog from PBFC and you might get squared away with a discount?


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